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Submitted on
February 1, 2013
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Sat a Feature #3

Fri Feb 1, 2013, 11:50 PM
Hello everyone! Watchers and all~

So this is the THIRD feature!!!
Once again, I looked at mainly the deviantart homepage and groups and of course people's favourites to get all these deviations.
Hope you enjoy!

Please help me by FAVING, SHARING AND TELLING OTHERS about it!!!

Thank you!
(Watch me for more features to come!)
Please also go to :iconfeature-ninja: if you want to see other features, or even create your own!!!

sweet halloween dreams by begemott
Question 12 - cuteness by AskBoo
Mera Oc by wasfight17
Nina as Angel by janianina
<da:thumb id="351803687"/>
Sweet colors by FoxxyLadyy
I'll Stand By You by TitusBoy25
Sad Teddy Bear by WorldII
Egoist by ChudnayaMamba
<da:thumb id="351578001"/>
Thirsty Cat by DorianOrendain
.: Emotional Music of Sorrow :. by Truth-Lely-Gaia
Sketch Commission 26 by Anako-Kitsune
One Evening by safire777
December Sunset by Schoelli
Seasons Change by Nelleke
Poulpi et Poulpette by LilysFactory
I'm out of order... by LilysFactory
pin up's cars line by russ-artiste
ada panda kiriban1222 by RF by RenesmiFadr
Tagwall: Magi by ShineDUS
Ball Point Doodles by Lord-Momo
boggart 39 by Apofiss
Mascara de la muerte by LilysFactory
Surrealistic Winter by torivarn
Dragon's Teeth by simonebyrne
Limeburners Point by DanielleMiner
big nose Batch2 by nevaeh-lee
- occasionally he'd smile - by oomizuao
Rosa Mono by EarthHart
gambecchio by FrancoBorsiWildLife
Heart's Pulse by creativemikey
Flaminio II by klapouch
Autumnal Dreamland by FlorentCourty
Ad Libitum by Oer-Wout
You Are Here by torivarn
A Beauty Presence by NovaHeroi
Birds by smaccks
Treasure by lieveheersbeestje
Shin  Misaraki by shoko59
Baby Bugs Bunny by GothicDollCat
<da:thumb id="351438340"/>
Badge by kris-wilson
.:Stars path - Gardos kula:. by Piroshki-Photography
<da:thumb id="351194538"/>
Female BT II. by andy-j-s
Chiquitita by PolinaChernova
Insignificant by Smurfage
26.365 by catchingfyre
Fall by DanOstergren
Vasili Beach by Trashins
Belgium - Nature's Frontier by lux69aeterna
Comesebo Patagonico by iniclof
Winter II. by PROfotoEU
.:.Commission.:. Sora X Atari by o0TenshiNoHikari0o
Ten O'Clock by electric-sun
<da:thumb id="351271115"/>
Gentle by lieveheersbeestje
Over The Clouds by LimonTea
Symmetric by Selene-Emotion
MAGE: watercolor derping by DustBunnyThumper
GothChick 2 by ogiyose
Precious Moments - Violet and Tony by Violet-the-Siberian
Nehellenia  -Avatar- by Susanow0

Before So by Migotomew
Small Water Beck by danUK86
Le Rose Fatale by Silvermoonswan
La Derniere Couche by PolinaChernova
Plow Land by gatyi
Together by Annimouse
Sail the starry seas by a2star
Dance of the Devil by ZeBunnyzz
Road to Thicket Portage! by JosephTimbury big nose requests by nevaeh-lee
nella and brim by nevaeh-lee
head shot by nevaeh-lee
Happy Birthday! by deeyosa
kohaku koi fishu by Apofiss
Green pearls by smaccks
Obstination by smaccks
Blooming by smaccks
One year ago ^^ by smaccks
<da:thumb id="350190397"/>
Meet Renee by YurikoSchneide
Coren's 2012 Art Summary by CorenB
New Hair Style and Clothes by Etsukyo
OC : Syskinah and Syskinalla by Maevachan
For HalloweenTownReject. by minecraftmobs456
Self-Portrait by tricerbug
Abandoned by Bloody0thorn

DevID experiment by Feanor-the-Dragon
Composizione7781 by claudio51
PM Zodiac- Capricorn by ROSEL-D
Chibi Adopt - 06 (CLOSED) by Denisse-Lyn

That's all now!

Hope you liked it.



Feature #3

Please Favourite it (so more people can see it) and share it in your own journals!!!

Watch me for more :)
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creativemikey Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2013  Professional Photographer
Thanks so much for featuring
Heart's Pulse
BrightenYourSmile Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Haha Welcome :D
(I love your photos!!!!)
(what icon is that yellow happy face?)
creativemikey Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2013  Professional Photographer
You can download the app here - [link]
and serch for it. It is yayness :D
BrightenYourSmile Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Oh Ok thank you :D :XD:
Annimouse Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
Thank you so much for featuring my work.:aww:
BrightenYourSmile Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Welcome :D
Colorful--Melody Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
photography are outstandingly beautiful! ;A;
BrightenYourSmile Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Aww thanks :D
Colorful--Melody Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
ur welcome! >U</
PROfotoEU Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2013  Professional Photographer
Thank you for feature :)
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