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February 8, 2013
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Sat a Feature 4

Fri Feb 8, 2013, 7:44 PM

Hello everyone!  This will be Sat a Feature number 4!!! :+fav: :+fav: :+fav:
This week, I collected alot of Wonderful deviations! Hope you like them!

(Watch me for more such features)
For those who don't know, Sat a Feature is a Feature that comes every Saturday! :D

Enchanted by bongaloid Break of Dawn by frits10a Cherry Blossoms 10 by zaphotonista Out of Time by Sarah-BK Silence... they sleep by EstherPuche-Art Equilibrium by tvurk Josette du Pres by rsiphotography Mexico - Amor Playero by lux69aeterna Rebirth 2v2 by realityDream Sand Harbor sunset by MartinGollery 
 Red Droplet by ShadowWalkerZA Blue 'n Red by bluesense .:Little Sparrow:. by RHCheng Sunset at the Lord family farm by andyhutchinson <da:thumb id="352902323"/> Rays of Love by ShakilovNeel light shot 6 by hotarox-x Lollipop by bwaworga -Colored rhyme of fall- by Janek-Sedlar <da:thumb id="352739638"/> Kisdon Force 2 by VinayRao Voices by ann-emerald Brightly by AljoschaThielen We are not what you think...we are golden ! by Retaediamrem Rainbow is a non-original title by Retaediamrem Bokeh by FrancescaDelfino Safest Time by Akirahpaws Winter Sun by bluesense Fallen Angel by Kara-a

Dreamy place... by Seb-Photos And With His Eye the Moon Beheld the Tufas by AugenStudios <da:thumb id="352568362"/> // by Weissglut Bring Your Own Sunshine by Agathalizz Isolation by Kaminski83  Day 34 - Reflections by EliseEnchanted dreamy winter by hayzy I Learn To Live Before I Die by sesam-is-open Voices In The Wind by WishmasterAlchemist Pelican Perch by ShannonCPhotography The beach by ShannonCPhotography last leaves of the fall by Writto <da:thumb id="352405035"/> Brooklyn Rocks by LeashaHooker A Girl and a Mouse ... (1) by Kartoffel83 <da:thumb id="352416507"/> Sing-flower61 by tbg-stock-images Waxwing And Berry. by andy-j-s Last Light by Leucareth Hungarian skies pt.CXXII. by realityDream Lazy Cat by Lasiu7 Hawaii, the rock by alierturk Cloud Show at DR by DanielleMiner tell me your secrets by UrsulaFerrer

Kiwi by rainylake Fresh Fruit by rainylake Peacock by rainylake Twig by rainylake Brand new LR 4 Preset! Ocean Mist by Lady-Tori Norway (5) by LorcanPL Waiting for spring by Dipliner <da:thumb id="351979380"/> Up Close by IvanAndreevich <da:thumb id="351963956"/> <da:thumb id="351971389"/> Manhattan Magic by LeashaHooker Reborn by Annimouse Come and Get Me Girls by Good-e-nuf <da:thumb id="351993433"/> Is that catnip I see before me? by Mayhem-Incarnate Strange Companions by xxStarpelt Yesterday by Perzikhoofd creep by michellis13 listen to the rain by michellis13 berry by michellis13 always watching by michellis13 Sky Tower by Leucareth Winter in Bruges by floppyrom That Same Other World by LarsVanDeGoor crazy tea party by hayzy into something beautiful by SabrinaCichy Pelicans Cubed by andyhutchinson The Rise And The Fall... by MoodyBlue SPQR by klapouch House for the winter by greendragonflywing Path by m-eralp 

Digital and Traditional Drawings/Paintings:

Chibi N and Purrloin by kami-bakura FANART - the Simpsons - Record Store guy by oomizuao Apotheosis by Apofiss  [CLOSED] ADOPTABLES Bug Pokemon gijinka by izka197 
[Commission] Mini Chibi Nina by izka197 Erza Scarlet by inori000 My Precious... 'Friend'. by CorenB Mimi didnt forget by jorama Neko 3 by MahlyenkiDyavol33 Siblings by CrazyHispanicGirl Autumn by J-u-d-a-s Sketchy by vacxan My Milkshake Brings all the fillies to the yard by Mlp-Antasma-Beat Jerry the Panda by TheGoldenMember123 Glee Anima by autiepie PC: Evangelion by Following-The-Rabbit Cake Please! -Noel- by SLiDER-chan Spookz Wallpaper thing I think? by Tyceland Voodoo adoptable 2  (OPEN) by NerdyNation 2013 Kiriban by Chizzachan Hani-senpai by Millennium-Bitch Zelda- Two Links by LyndonKorcala Snail doodle by Millennium-Bitch Image by xXtoxicgummybearXx Kurugaya Shinki OC: Full Body Version by Darktrified Megidramon Gijinka by kurokitsune777 Practice 166 Detail by Usyachei Cross-Boardwalk by KaizerThng Joy of life. Sparkle of life. by astral320 Crying Ayu by MitsukuriFreak 24. -l-Mephisto Nocturne-l- by miaowl Batch4 by nevaeh-lee A Girl Who Was Loved [The Witch's House] by CorenB Tani by luna-the-umbreon Comfort, new print released by Carnegriff Another side by Kahuluon Slightly to the left by 8bitsofmagic ROSE by 87Darkling78 Brandon Stark by yaruyachi Gnarl by Minionplz <da:thumb id="352516094"/> Harleim by Maevachan [CLOSED] OFFER ADOPTABLE Bunny angel by izka197 I never knew just what it was.. by moonlightamber PolkaParadise's Request by Etsukyo CCH: throws noelle everywhere by DustBunnyThumper Little Cat by luisbc Cat by ecilARose indigo dye by ShAdOwStAlKeR-04 Printshop stories by JanneO Play,-a-celestial-melody by ladyjudina Presentation by ladyjudina Same Old Song by LuizaLazar Happy Halloween 2011 by roosarea Goddess Lapin Ciel by Salmon88 In the night by Ellsat Commission : Ianthe by DomDozz Kurosaki by jalonzo1610 oxzoChK by HitoshirezuHABG  Bullet Queen (LA) by Jax-chan 
The End  by Coriander25 Untitled by MomentsOfBloom Road x Allen by heyhey00 Pidgin by darkodordevic [Commission] Mini Chibi Vivianne by izka197 Canine Adopts _open_ by Cirriku <da:thumb id="343576440"/> green n brown by Chequitah <da:thumb id="352734107"/> Chibi Toothy by nati11184 I'm fine. by Mainecare Keep Breathing by dani-kelley Sesshoumaru and Rin by Azareea <da:thumb id="352739102"/> Frozen Maiden by CorenB Valentines card thing by Sassmodeous Loveyoupixel by Krissi001 <da:thumb id="352712116"/> Stubborn love by immuni <da:thumb id="351876596"/> <da:thumb id="352886654"/> <da:thumb id="352886520"/> OC - 03 by george-george birds by Blanka-T <da:thumb id="352886497"/> Naru ^^ by SenjUAkirA <da:thumb id="352886789"/> Sakura WIP1 by greeneyesandglasses Sketch - 2P!Singapore icon by MaidenPhoenix Unleashed by HeIrouis Cos-Animation Tryout!! by yoshindoh  <da:thumb id="352893397"/> <da:thumb id="352887244"/> Gimme lolipop xD by aracelies !!!OPEN!!! Adoptables by BlackRedCookie Anime-style Sakurai Sho by Cactuar-Tamer Nakama by Hokkyokuu Chibi Elf Adoptable [OPEN] by Leezluntz <da:thumb id="353067283"/> Toast To Villainy by zummerfish Free by Saphica8 <da:thumb id="352533232"/> A New World Begins by DarkDevil16 Seeu by Catnipkitty99 

Alright now! That's all for this feature :D Hope you enjoyed!

Brought to you by ~BrightenYourSmile~
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Sharing this journal in YOUR own journal will help these artists/Photographers too!

Reason Why I made Sat a Feature: To help more under-exposed artist to shine. And of course to Bring a smile to People's faces :D Remember me as Brighten Your Smile (My username)
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jacob-reddinger Featured By Owner May 4, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Wow, this is an amazing list of arts . . . Great features! You have really good taste!
BrightenYourSmile Featured By Owner May 4, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Thank you :)
SuperSnappz Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
Thank you for featuring my images in this wonderful collection of images.
BrightenYourSmile Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Welcome :)
87Darkling78 Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
shot for the feature :D really reallly excited about this
BrightenYourSmile Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
:) :happybounce:
CrazyHispanicGirl Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2013
thank you so much
BrightenYourSmile Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Welcome :D remember to fave and share so more people will see it!!! :)
bongaloid Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
Thank you for featuring my work, it is very much appreciated. :)
Lots of other great work within your feature aswell .
BrightenYourSmile Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Welcome :D remember to fave and share so more people will see it! :D
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